C/I inspires the next generation of diverse tech leaders from underserved communities.

C/I students can build anything during our first totally open hackathon -- from mobile apps to websites to map hacks, students can build something truly original over the course of the day.  All groups must have a project to present at the end of the day, even if it is not finished.

Students will each attend workshops by CartoDB, FourSquare, and Accrue and special prizes will be given to groups that implement each company's technology.

Submissions can be websites built with Cloud9 (c9.io) or Sublime Text, mobile apps on GoodBarber, or even Google Presentations if they just have an idea to present.


10:15am: Welcome by State Assemblyman Michael Blake

10:30am: Kickoff + Rules

11:00am: Team Formation (between 3-4 students) + Initial Idea Generation

11:30am: Workshop Time! Each team must send at least one person to each workshop.

  • CartoDB Workshop: Classroom 1
  • FourSquare Workshop: Classroom 2
  • Accrue Workshop: Computer Lab 1

12:30pm: Lunch + Work Time

1:00pm - 5:00pm: Work Time with Mentors

4:00pm: Send one student to Classroom 1 for Chinnell's Pitch Workshop!


5:15pm: Presentations Begin

6:30pm: Prizes Awarded, Cleanup the Foundry and Celebrate!

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$3,400 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

Chromebooks for each of the winners of C/I Best Hack. This prize goes to the most feasible, creative, most "well-rounded" hack.
These Chromebooks can be used to continue hacking and working on your project during the summer months!

Most Technical Hack

This prize goes to the team with the most built our product, the most lines of code written, or the most technically advanced / workable product at presentation time.
Members of the most technical team will each receive a Raspberry Pi to continue working on their technical products and hacking over the summer!

Audience Favorite (from Public Voting Feature)

C/I SWAG for the Public Vote winner. Make sure you cast your public vote during presentations!

Best FourSquare Hack

FourSquare SWAG for the best implementation of FourSquare, as determined by the FourSquare judge, David Hu.

Best CartDB Hack

CartoDB SWAG + Custom Map for the team with the best map hack

Best Accrue Hack

Accrue SWAG for the team with the best Accrue Hack

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Be a C/I student and attend our hackathon.

Create an original product or idea over the course of the hackathon.

Present your idea at the end of the day to a group of judges.

Use one of the workshop presentations from CartoDB, FourSquare, or Accrue to be eligible for one of the sponsor-specific prizes.


Students can build a hack using any tools that we have used this year (Cloud9 on Chromebooks, GoodBarber for a quick app, etc.) or work on the CartoDB, FourSquare, or Accrue platforms in some way.  There are extra points for students who figure out how to connect two or more of the platforms together!

You can create a video, Google Presentation, or just create and explain your product.

If you are submitting a webpage or app and you are not done building it, please submit sketches or wireframes of your intended product idea.  The more visuals, the better!

Some key things to mention in your presentation:

  • Why did you decide to build your product?
  • Did you do any product validation?  How many people did you survey and what did you ask them?  How do you know that people will use your product?
  • What are the key features of your product and how do they work?  What did you do / will you do to build them?
  • What is your product roadmap?  What features will you add in the future?
  • What is your business plan?  How can you make money with this product?

Teams will have a maximum of three minutes to explain and demonstrate their hack to judges, either by presentation or by demonstrating their hack to the judges and the audience.

How to enter

  • Come to our hackathon at the Fordham Foundry on May 30th!
  • Meet with your team to discuss initial ideas and assign team roles
  • Have your group split up into the three workshops at 11:30am from Accrue, CartoDB, and FourSquare
  • Meet back with your group after the workshops and determine what project you will continue building for the rest of the afternoon
  • Submit your project or presentation by 5pm and start presentations at 5:15pm to our judges


Clayton Banks

Clayton Banks
Executive Director, Silicon Harlem

David Hu

David Hu
Developer Products and Relations, FourSquare

Benoit Brookens

Benoit Brookens
CEO, Accrue

Chinnell Davis

Chinnell Davis
Program Manager, C/I

Laura Martin

Laura Martin
Boss, Fordham Foundry

James Keith

James Keith

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How unique is the idea or concept? Does it take a new perspective on an old problem or present a new idea?
  • Functionality
    Does the hack work? Is it well designed? How is the user experience? Does it demonstrate a knowledge or understanding of the computer programming language used?
  • Usefulness
    Who is the target audience for this hack? Does it help solve a problem or challenge that the target audience experiences?
  • Implementation of Workshop Resources
    Does the hack use or plan to use FourSquare, Accrue, or CartoDB? Or better yet, does it find a way to use two or more of these services together in a unique way?